Sunday, September 7, 2014

Welcome to West Coast Cook Book!

Welcome to West Coast Cook Book!

I'm Chef Justice Putnam and this is a portal from my Heart to yours.

What is West Coast Cook Book?

It is a way of cooking. It is a way of Life. It is your great aunt's recipe, it is a recipe from a forgotten faculty mimeograph, a recipe from a dearly remembered cafe in San Francisco, Seattle, Ensenada or Coos Bay. West Coast Cool Book is the recipe long held by the immigrant family across the street, the recipe for the block party, the backyard bbq, the beach side grill. 

West Coast Cook Book is the food of the World because the World comes to the West Coast.

West Coast Cook Book is also my business, the little, humble shop that offers a warmth, a nutritious and humble repast that can both sustain and elevate. I want to share these with you!

With a love for food, culture, people and poetry, a love for those things that appeal to the senses and the Heart, I use a clear, steady hand and an experienced palate to bring you, West Coast Cook Book.

I have extensive experience in all aspects of the kitchen and front-of-house, with a particular proficiency in casual and fine dining of American, Cal/Med, French/Italo, Pan-Asian and Pacific Rim with an emphasis on the Coastal foods and culture of Latin America and Japan; along with other regional and ethnic cuisine. Reliance on Community Supported Agriculture; local, organic, sustainable ingredients and a seasonal approach is "de rigueur" in the "cooking philosophies" I have respected  and followed.

I will be posting the basic, start up plan  for West Coast Cook Book in these pages. I hope to crowd source funds to get me started and then to grow West Coast Cook Book to a place where others might adopt this way and grow their own business and dream.